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Hounds of Sargeras, resolved an issue that could cause multiple tank-specialization characters to gain Shadowtouched (or Flametouched) simultaneously.
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Nick Shively 5th August 2014 In this week's look at Wildstar we take a look at the pge washer rebate 2013 latest update, Sabotage.WildStar PvP Changes Inbound Nick Shively 25th February 2016 The first of many changes for PvP in WildStar have been implemented.The NCSoft Financials Q3 2016 are in, and while they do rugs direct promo code august 2017 show decline, some titles performed worse than others.Shannon Doyle 6th September 2017, wildstar Homecoming launches today, bringing with it community built homes, a new monthly event, and a contest worth 2,500.Isn't that long enough?The Nexus Times: The Bronze Age of Wildstar Nick Shively 16th September 2014 The Bronze Age of Wildstar is upon us!WildStar Handing Out Free Level 50 Boosts.WildStar Celebrates Three Years with the Starfall Celebration.We look at how it changed PvP and much more.Now, players who flag up for PvP earn additional rewards.2016 in MMOs, A Look at the Year So Far Chris Hughes 21st June 2016 1 Comment We're already half way through 2016!New WildStar Flick Trailer: Strain Ultradrop MMO Games 18th June 2014 A new WildStar flick containing new patch information!New Wildstar Director is Excited For the Games Future Hannah Richardson-Lewis 9th February 2016 Chad "Pappy" Moore, the new Wildstar Director, is excited for the game's future, talking upcoming content and changes to PvP in the pipeline.Nick Shively 12th August 2014 Do flying mounts belong in Wildstar?Hannah Richardson-Lewis 11th November 2016 1 Comment.Top MMOs of 2014 to Look Out For MMO Games 8th January 2014 Josh compiles a list of the top MMOs of 2014 to look out for, find out what made his list!7 Unique Races in MMOs Shannon Doyle 7th May 2014 3 Comments Most MMOs stick to the standard race formula but from time to time a new and unique race is introduced.NCSofts First Quarter Report Shows Wildstar Declines MMO Games 13th May 2015 NCSoft has released its first quarter financial report.Lots of interesting new content is planned including new raids and dungeons.The Races of Wildstar Shannon Doyle 12th March 2014 The Races of Wildstar are an interesting bunch with an interwoven history that spans the galaxy.WildStar Raids Unveiled MMO Games 13th May 2014 Carbine Studios, game developer of the upcoming sci-fi mmorpg WildStar, introduces us to hardcore Raids!
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