winning powerball tickets today

The group plans to win a disney cruise vacation continue to shoes international discount code play the Lottery together.
Munsell's winning ticket was sold at Henny Penny #20 located on 45 Great Neck Road in Waterford, Conn.
"I'm not a big gambler.Now the couple plans to use the winnings to pay bills and make repairs on one of his trucks."I didn't think I was actually going to win anything He said."I just went and sat in the car and called my kids." Holland stated that she intends to save the majority of her winnings.As ABC News reported Wednesday morning, Powerball officials told ABC News they expected to sell 170 million tickets between last Saturday and tonight's drawing."I've been playing the same set of numbers ever since Garrison said.Then he went back to work, where he didn't try to keep things quiet.Fred and his wife, Andrea, were on their way home from church when poets and writers chapbook contests they stopped at Speedway, 1706 South Bend Ave.I called my husband and said, 'You're not going to believe this.The winning one said to claim at the Lottery so I hurried here." Powell did not know how much he had won until arriving at Lottery Offices in Boise late Thursday afternoon.I told her that I sure wouldn't be sitting here if I won the Powerball, though.Laura Colton of Burnsville added, "We all texted our spouses saying, 'We won, but it's my money!One Powerball ticket among the millions sold across the country has made 53-year-old Massachusetts resident Mavis Wanczyk a very rich person.Because Heckert added the Power Play feature, the prize doubled to 100,000 when the 2X multiplier was drawn.She didn't check the numbers on her ticket until she got to work Tuesday morning."I get an envelope full of tickets, then I slip them in the (Check-A-Ticket) machine said Shmigelsky.After required state and federal withholdings, Primus took home 973,014.