why toddler beauty pageants should be banned

I, for example, am shy so I view beauty pageants as a way to eat 24 coupon code july 2015 get myself out there and conquer my fears.
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But what gives people duty free voucher perth the right to make decisions for other adults by banning them?
Yes, as we can learn a lot of things lol.Enroll your little darling in a tumbling class instead.Then tell me the beauty pageants should not be banned.Seriously, if there are enough people to rally for a ban on circumcision in California, how are there not enough sane people to put forward a bill to ban the tarting up of children under the age of 16?Toddlers Tiaras has done it again, people.I don't get.LukeK 14:30, even if beauty pageants are a form of unhealthy competition which promotes a bad ideal, so what?Something, anything, to stop this sickness.Stop dressing up your babies and putting them on sexual display in hopes of winning a shiny hat.Toddlers and Tiaras is a good show, but those kids suffer so much.It's a scholarship pageant.Toddlers Tiaras for pushing moms to do something more outrageous, you know, since they'll be on the teevee, or thank TLC for showing the world how truly messed up this whole toddler pageant thing is in real life.While I'm not one for curtailing choices, when it comes to screwing with kids and their self-image, self-worth, and mental health, I'm taking a stand.Regardless, it's time to put a stop to the objectifying and warping of these babies.What the freaking frack?I don't know whether to blame.If you're a parent who already is on this crazy train, I beg you, GET OFF NOW.
I dont think parents should make toddlers participate in them but if someone wants to then so.