what side does a door sweep go on

Installing door sweeps are easy and cost efficient.
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Complete the adjustment, check for obstruction, and screw the door bottom on securely at the other end and in the middle (or wherever the door bottom has pre-drilled holes).
Additionally, weatherproofing doors and windows saves energy simplehuman promo code july 2015 during warmer months by more effectively conserving the air-conditioned air.Also try to use the door sweeps on doors in areas that are not highly susceptible to a ulta employee discount online lot of wear and tear.Door sweeps and door bottoms are easy to install and provide protection from drafts and weather on ill-fitted doors.The bottom of the door will need to be measured in order to determine the length you will need.The door sweep may have to be adjusted.Install Door Sweep: Slide the door sweep onto the bottom of the door.The sweep has a brush or is padded, and as the door closes the brush contacts the threshold edges.Tap on the putty knife to move the sweep down until the fins on the bottom contact the threshold.Price Low to High, price High to Low, top Rated Products.To achieve a good seal and adequate weatherproofing, door sweeps and door bottoms may need to slope downward (particularly in older homes where frames are no longer level).If this is the case, a vinyl door sweep can simply be cut with a strong pair of scissors.A metal door sweep will need to be cut with a hacksaw.Screw one end of the sweep into the door, but leave the screw a little loose to allow for adjustment.