what is the meaning of contest in hindi

Nolo pleas contradict that process and undermine our ideas in society that the guilty get their just deserts.
It is clear that the election will be a close ntest between/against the 1960 contest between Kennedy and Nixon the 1975 Liberal leadership contest2 no contest 3 plead no contest, collocationsverbsenter a contest (take part in one)Anyone over 18 years old can enter the contest.A contest takes placeThe contest took place in jectives/noun contesta leadership contest (in which domino's pizza promo code august 2017 two politicians compete to become leader of free pizza hut personal pan pizza coupon their party)The party did not want the turmoil of a leadership contest.Withdraw from a contest (stop taking part in a contest)Two candidates had withdrawn from the contest.Jake always enters the arm-wrestling contest at the local fair.leadership contest He voted for Mr Heseltine rather than Mrs Thatcher in the 1990 leadership contest.Among domestic mergers, the buyout of Credito Romagnolo was the most contested.Congress had granted him another amnesty to contest the 1992 election.See Verb table Examples from the Corpus contest The ruling party will contest 158 seats in Algeria's elections.Explore more similar words with different meanings.Other Definitions of Contest are 1st Definition An event in which people compete for supremacy in a sport, activity, or particular quality.Contest is defined as an event in which people compete for supremacy in a sport, activity, or particular quality.The pharmacy company contested the agency's findings.