v sweeper mop

If you have hardwood floors, you will love it because you can quickly get your floor clear of any dust bunnies and hair, then just get the pad damp to electricity bill rebate ontario wash to a streak-free shine.
Check out the basic version here: Household Swivel Mop or sign up for the waiting list above.
The stripes on the advanced pad will help to build static, and collect debris.
Reusable cloths edit, because of the requirement to dispose of the cloth after each clean, using the device frequently can be quite costly.Retrieved May 29, 2011.Flip the head on the other end and you have a powerful scrubber.A single swipe will remove 99 of everything down there, and you don't need any special cleaning agents to.It is a thick, hallmark coupon code india heavy-duty pole, and won't ever bend, break or splinter like others might.Swiffer Dusters are disposable dusters.To clean your floor, simply wet the removable mop pad, wring out excess water, and then stick it to the head.This microfiber mop is the easiest, fastest and safest way to clean any kind of floor.This static charge also helps keep all of these particles on the ground and eliminates the fly away effect, so it is great for anyone with allergies or respiratory problems.The flexible rubber squeegee makes it easy to use this mop for cleaning up spills, drying clean floors, or even washing windows.Quickly pick-up dirt, dust and pet hair from your floors.
Static electricity attracts dirt, pet hairs, dust balls, and micro particles like a magnet so you don't have to chase them down.