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Tender, delicious and flavorful beef, lamb, bison, goat and dairy products that were far superior nutritionally to those that come from animals raised slam dunk contest jordan vs dominique in the standard fashion.
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If youre looking for the best tasting and healthiest grass fed beef, pastured poultry and pork and wild, sustainable seafood, look no farther than US Wellness Meats.
Trim all visible fat, for lean, tougher cuts (like stew meat choose a low and slow can you contest a will and win cooking method such as slow cooking or braising.K15Get Code Promo Code Coupon Expired Save 10 Off Today is the last day to get the 10 off on every order for Father's Day!And US Wellness Meats never gives growth hormones or feed-grade antibiotics and ensures that their animals have clean, pure water to drink, while raising them in a humane and stress free environment.Loved by Chefs, Doctors and Olympic Medalists Alike.Receive 10 off your entire order!Heres why: Grass-Finished : Some farmers call their beef grass fed but they actually finish the animals on grain for the last 90 to 160 days before processing.Use the Promo Code.But not US Wellness Meats.Deena Kastor, Olympic Medalist American Record Holder.US Wellness Meats uses no pesticides on their pastures, ensuring that your food is free of harmful contaminants.Terms Conditions 36 Success.Offer valid on our entire line of Buffalo Bills Premium Snacks - Beef Jerky, Beef Sticks, Venison Jerky, and more!US Wellness Meats animals are all 100 grass finished so you can be sure youre getting the maximum levels of nutrients in every juicy bite.
But US Wellness Meats puts their animals on a careful rotating schedule so that they are always foraging the freshest, lushest pastures.