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Players who register after Launch are seen as new players and are eligible to use the Refinement Gift Pack code.
Your character will receive the items in game within 24 hours.Each account may only qualify for one type of Snail Veteran pack.Please have your Snail Account ready to claim the gift.You'll have your usual dungeon crawling and bosses, and players can choose from one of the game's three races.Event Dates: Permanent Event Details: Each account will receive a Refinement Gift Pack code via e-mail which can be given to new players.The game is based on the PC title.Gold 100,000, Gold Chest *3Gold Key *3Diamond*50.This time around, you'll be commanding a team of heroes, including the eponymous fighting panda, into battle, where you amazon promo code uk first order can swap between the characters as necessary.The Guild master and invitees will receive different rewards and the members of the guild who are not from Age of Wushu or Black Gold Online will also be rewarded.For extra rewards, find our listing of participating websites containing Media Gift Codes.After you register, take a second to refresh this page.C) Every player may only receive one reward type for this event.Uncover the mystery, grow your hero, and become the.1 master!Pack Type, pack Contents, current Veterans, diamond*100, Gold*100,000, Medium Fortitude Pill*5,Soulstone (Pyrotaur.Refinement Gift Pack Contains: Gold*100,000 5 Refinement Stones Enter gift pack number Confirm exchange Get More Prize Event Rules:.