sweep net for insects

To use a sweep net, swing it in autonation ford parts promo code a 180 arc such that the net rim strikes the top 6 to 8 inches of alfalfa growth.
Aquatic nets also have heavy duty net bags and handles and have square to triangular thick wire hoops.Nets come in many sizes with some having the circumference being smaller than others and with variable pole lengths as well.Divide field 4 sections; 5 sweeps per section (20 sweeps total) 4 sections; 5 sweeps per section (20 sweeps total) 4 sections; 5 sweeps per section.Identify type of caterpillar.Haviland, UC Cooperative Extension, Kern County.Slowly invert the net bag, while releasing your grasp on the bag allowing the insects to escape and count thenumbers of key species.In early summer (June) when plants reach adequate height.This type of net is a good compromise between the two types of nets and is good for general collecting.Godfrey, Entomology, UC Davis.The way in which this sweep net is used can greatly influence its effectiveness for collecting insects in alfalfa and, consequently, pesticide application decisions based on the number of insects caught.Each 180 arc counts as one remington ammo rebate offer sweep.Alfalfa caterpillars and armyworms, leafhoppers, when to start, in late January or later, depending on location.Pest management decisions, however, are generally made before such high numbers occur.Aquatic insects are collected by dragging the net through the substrate of aquatic habitats and then depositing the accumulated material into a large white pan to sort through.In the tropics, very long handled nets are used to collect butterflies that are found high in trees.