song from zoey 101 dance contest episode

You're still number one, man!
Logan : Why is it so hard for you to just admit it's killing you that Zoey's gone?
Michael : It is?.Yeah, that's right, it is!So why don't we just say that whoever gets there first gets the bed, fair enough?Zoey : Why are you here?From CyberPanic in disney world vacation contests 2015 Philadelphia.Now the important thing to remember here.Predictable, good Charlotte.Lola : I've been watching Quinn's research rat for the past three hours!Zoey 101, does English accents that are completely wrong.Zoey : Yeah, she came to my room and told me to stay away from you.A: It's the intro song "Follow Me" but just the piano part.Bully : You're a dead man, Reese.Logan : What are you doing here?See, that's the same thing as the bowling pins.Chase : I know.He's about to roll!Coco : Do I look okay?Michael : She should have knocked first.
Chase : you should be!
( answer CyberPanic's question ) Q: What's the piano song playing in the episode called Miss PCA when the beauty pageant starts?