self assessment tax return guide

Take your time, careful now.
But fewer people will have to do them over the next few years.You will also need interest statements from banks and building societies, and details of pension contributions made plus information about Gift Aid donations.SA106 capital gains, sA108 non-UK residents or dual residents.As a self-assessment taxpayer you free ipad air 2 giveaway facebook need to report everything youve earned over the tax year from April 6, 2014 to April 5, 2015.This includes income from employment, self-employment, income from property, and interest and gains on your savings and investments.This year, it is likely that more people than ever will be required to file a self-assessment return because self-employment is at record levels.Problems paying your tax liability Accountant (Image: Rex Features) Even if you cant afford your tax bill, you should still file your return, as the fines for late payment are a lot lower than the fines for late filing.A penalty of 100 is given to taxpayers who do not coupon codes free submit it by the deadline, with further penalties of 10 a day applied after three months.Ms Monteith said that a potential pitfall for those submitting after January 31 would be to file a return by post.Taxpayers with an annual income of more than 50,000 who receive child benefit must complete a return for some of the benefit to be repaid.When filling in the figures on your return, the online programme offers reminders about where you can find the information to fill in particular sections such as your P11D, P60 or payslips.