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The show embraced cliches whilst simultaneously creating entertaining characters.
Episode Highlight:.Js descent into insanity whilst quite disturbing is an interesting glimpse at how quickly anxiety can control a person and make an impact quickly.She wants to fight The Ashleys but her friends convince her to beat them at the pageant.There is Rigelli, Vance, Greta Grobler, Rus Grimpole, Mickey and.J Rotweiler (a female version.J).Episode Highlight: The nerds meet Gretchen Grundler and it is apparent they have a crush on her.Gus sees her and they track her down, using Walkie Talkies.With the help and encouragement of the rest of the gang national car rental promo code Spinelli decides to beat the girls at their own game.The kids reach a draw while the brothers squabble in the middle of the game.(a recurring gag) and everyone is shocked into disbelief.One Stayed Clean (Series 3, Episode 52) Its Picture Day at the school, and is Gus first ever Picture Day (due to him moving schools so often).Pete and Paul roll around fighting on the field while.J exclaims adultstsk.Principal Prickly and his brother (Principal) Paul begin to quarrel and make a bet.Reoccurring characters like The Ashleys who were a group of spoilt girls obsessed with image and fashion.They hang out and Becky takes note of their projects progress.Spinelli is forced to do old people stuff while at Miss Finsters house, she feels miserable and calls her friends for help.The kids start to go slightly crazy and lose their energy constantly talking about pencils, test boxes and unsurprisingly wanting freedom.The nerds seem to get on well with.J and leave him to do his own thing reading comics, while they build their constructo-crystal-roboborg toys.The school appears to be a clone of Third Street Elementary School, even the students are similar.Episode Highlight: The gang come to rescue Spinelli and look through the window where they see Miss Finster and Spinelli hula dancing together.The nerds go back to Room 51 and.J rejoins his friends in the yard.Ashley Spinelli the tough tomboy, mikey Blumberg the poetic gentle giant.Nerdy Frank finally squares up to Lawson and reveals that he is actually Tiny Sedgewick.