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To some, Raffles was an admired reformer, who wanted to golf shoes discount ecco abolish the slave trade, and ameliorate the lot of iid rebates 2015 the people.
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First, most of the British biographies of Raffles in the late 19th and early 20th centuries were written during an age of British colonial expansion, and regarded Raffles as a noble pioneer or builder of empire.
Historical and Historiographical Review, the word "History" has several meanings.As I noted about 20 years ago, there have been two main historiographical traditions in writings about Raffles since his death: first, the "hagiographical" British tradition, (hagiography comes from "hagios" or "saint and second, the hostile Dutch 93 7 contest rules tradition.A range of facilities are available here, including a bowling allery, gym, swimming pool, tennis court as well as a selection of bars and restaurants.The first definition deals with the objective reality of events as they happened.Singapore 297753, opening hours: Daily 7am-11pm, tickets and Tours, users say.In stark contrast were 19th-century Dutch writings on Raffles, which were openly hostile to him because of his 5-year Governorship of Java, and his "founding" of Singapore.Controversy and conflict intensified when Raffles as Lieutenant-Governor of Bencoolen from 1818 onwards launched a campaign to prevent the returning Dutch from gaining a monopolistic hold over the trade of the Malay Archipelago.As his father died when he was young, Raffles was faced with adversity, and was self-educated.Posted: Monday December 3 2012.I have also attempted a reappraisal of Raffles' role in the founding of Singapore.They drew on Lady Raffles'.While he managed to secure limited authorisation from the Governor-General, Lord Hastings, for his search for another British base at the southern end of the Straits of Malacca, he faced opposition from both the British Governor of Penang and EIC Directors, as well as the.Memoir, and other British records, and painted a highly favourable picture of Raffles.They included the biography by Demetrius Boulger (1897; with subsequent editions and that by Sir Reginald Coupland (1926 who subsequently wrote a biography of Raffles friend and contemporary, William Wilberforce.Emily Hahn also used some Dutch records.Related Materials, last modified.Mediating between these two poles are more recent scholarly books and articles, notably by the leading scholar on Raffles and his circle, Dr John Bastin.