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Taste of the food is superb at this kind of very reasonable price.
It was very fragrant and the portion was also quite big.
The pork is minced until very finely, after being stir fried with academy discounts the basil leaves, it taste absolutely delicious.
Also, the food came one by one, instead of altogether, the Phad Thai came first and we were to about to finish it when the 2nd dish, the crispy mango chicken dish was served.I have a penchant for anything sour and spicy - which is why this papaya salad caught my eye immediately.Ah Loy Thai is a small eatery that serves economical and delicious Thai dishes.The vegetable with minced pork is really crunchy and it does not have the weird non-fresh taste that some vegetables have.After that plate, I felt like I could eat another one, very kai wei leh!It took quite some time to come, like around 35 mins later.The chicken is grilled evenly and with the pandan leave fragrance.This isn't the first time I'm here, but the times we come are so far and few that we decided to stick to the usual is is a must-order at any Thai eatery I go to if it's available.Even after so many years, they still have the best chilli crab and cereal prawns I have ever tasted!The 4 green parcels contained sizable pieces of chicken (thigh meat I think) that was juicy and tender.Had craving for Thai food and decided to try out the Thai food place near my office area for dinner.I went to ah loy thai restaurant with my friend.We ordered a number of items to be shared, including seafood fried rice, papaya salad and seafood tom yum gong.It was so fragrant and crunchy when served!Consistent in food quality and serving at a reasonable price with no GST and service charge!