quangsheng rebate block plane

It was essential to slack off almost completely to adjust the blade.
Block planes are used for chamfering waste to eliminate breakout, tidying up the ends of boards after cutting to length, and fixing any slight inaccuracies from the earlier stages of e short sole makes them ideal for tidying up little patches of tearout and their.Overall I'm very happy with this very well i give my life away mp3 made plane and in terms of quality it can compete with the best of them.I could not justify the price from accross the pond for a fairly minor upgrade from my existing LN's 60 1/2 and 140 and I had got as far as adding a spare blade for my 60 1/2 to my Ax basket when I stumbled.I then set the plane up for a test cut and found the adjustments all worked well.I chose this route vs buying a used plane simply to save some time.Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.As always with tools - try before you buy, and only buy from sellers willing to give a full refund should you be dissatisfied.The bedding for the blade is large for good support and the cap iron has a pleasant h&m discount code free delivery november 2014 shape.Minimal final honing is required prior to use.My initial impression is pretty favorable but I have not done any real work with them yet so I can't give much of a shop report.I pulled them down, wiped the excess oil, checked things for tightness, flatness and square as well as fit and finish and with minimal effort required, put a nice edge on the irons.
I reassembled the plane and found the clamp screw a little difficult to operate owing to the closeness of the tote.