pumpkin decorating contest judging sheet

The DAM happens to have the education departments prep closet at our fingertips.
Fair, pumpkin had some attention directed to the details, but could have had more effort applied.
Aprons also come in handy.
Facebook followers voted for this Frida Kahlo pumpkin as their favorite.Note the plastic covering the carving table.Discuss Discuss this rubric with other members.This, brilliant -inspired pumpkin won best daily deals vs groupon in show.2 points each The pumpkin is acceptably attractive though it may be a bit messy.Set up an accoutrement station.Email Email this rubric to a friend.Inspired by, heavenly Toaster by Luis Tapia.However, if you dont have access to a closetful of supplies, dont fear.We had cookies, kettle corn, and fruit kabobs for snacks.Assess Test run Test this rubric or perform an ad-hoc assessment.2 points each Average use of new ideas and originality kohls online promo code august 2015 subaru military discount program of pumpkin design.Share Publish Link, embed, and showcase your rubrics on your website.Fair, pumpkin shows some creativity originality (carving decorations).