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77.2 Purchased Leave must be used: within 12 months of the application to purchase leave being approved; in the case of shift workers, for an entire shift cycle; and in the case of all other employees, in amounts of no less than 5 consecutive days.
33.4 An employee who is temporarily reassigned to perform duties at the SES level will be eligible for HDA.
7.7 The Department will give prompt and genuine consideration to matters raised about the major change by the relevant employees.12.2 Once an employee's non-standard salary rate reaches the relevant equivalent salary point for the employee's classification, they will transition to the corresponding pay point or next highest pay point applying to the employee's classification set out in table 1 of Schedule.3.4 During the trial period the person will be paid in accordance with the minimum weekly babbel voucher code free payment set by the Fair Work Commission (or its predecessor) or such appropriately higher amount as may be determined during the life of this Agreement to reflect one.Objectives not met were due to circumstances beyond the individual's control; Effective based on the myPerformance plan and the APS Work Level Standards, the employee has consistently demonstrated effective performance and met the performance standards for their level.Personal Circumstances Leave (PCL).1 An employee is entitled to 20 days PCL per year.40.2 The cost of relocating must be approved by the Secretary in advance of the employee's removal, having regard to the employee's personal circumstances and the Department's employment procedure on relocation expenses.Allow a job swap within the Department where it is judged that: the employee is suitable for the job after a reasonable period of adjustment; and it would be of no detriment to the efficient operation of the gaining area; allow a job swap with.Only the first 18 weeks of paid Foster Carer Leave counts as service for any purpose.29.3 Payment may be made only to the former employee's legal personal representative.91.5 Defence Reserve Leave entitlements can be accumulated and taken over a period of two years.Return to Work Assistance.1 The Department's employment procedure sets out arrangements for return to work assistance.65.2 An employee who is a shiftworker may be rostered for an overtime standard shift on not more than one of the employee's rostered days off.7.10 For a change referred to in subclause.1b the Department will notify the relevant employees of the proposed change and clauses.11.15 apply.61.3 Time Off in Lieu (for domestic travel) is separate to a flextime credit.58.5 Executive Level 1 and 2 employees are not eligible for overtime payments except in exceptional circumstances as determined by the Secretary.58.3 APS Level 16 employees who are recalled to duty in an emergency at a time when they would normally not have been on duty will have the reasonable time taken to travel to and from emergency duty included in their overtime payment.Trainee APS (Technical) Employees.1 Trainee APS (Technical) employees have a commencement salary at the minimum salary point applying to the APS 2 classification under this Agreement, unless otherwise determined by the Secretary.
Maternity Leave.1 After completing a minimum of 12 months of continuous APS employment, an eligible employee is entitled to up to 52 weeks of maternity leave of which: up to 12 weeks will be paid in accordance with the ML Act; and.