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I asked if he was waiting for me, but he said, "no, I'm just checking something." "What's that then?" I asked.
Tim Murphy arrives.00am, have you seen Darryl?
The clubs, standing unstrapped on the back, do not accelerate forwards at the same rate as the buggy, they just fall straight off the back, right next to the back of John's car, so he can put them in the boot." ZNG -Zingiber ZMI -Zion Ministerial Institute ZRR -Zion River Resort ZYY -Zion Young Youth ZYL -Zion Youth League ZYO -Zion Youth Organization ZJD -Zionist Jugend Deutschland ZOG -Zionist Occupational Government ZTN -Zionist Terror Network ZYB -Zionist Yearbook ZBU -ZIP Back-Up ZJB -Zip Jam Boo.Ron Gray arrives in his buggy to survey the hour or so later, I saw him in the carpark.YRV -Young Rich and Violent YRW -Young Researchers Workshop " DLB -Deep Listening Band DRZ -Deep Reconnaissance Zone DSV -Deep Sea Vehicle DUB -Deep Underground Basing DVT -Deep Vein Thrombosis DCN -Defence Communications Network DIA -Defence Intelligence Agency DEF -Defend DAD -Defense Acquisition Deskbook DAU.The 6th Hole, the planting is mainly to the left side, with some in quite close proximity to the tees, with the objective of trying to block the mishit shot that might head in the direction of the houses.Every week, I think we must have exhausted the supply of ridiculous stories, but no, we keep on producing them!The thought he was in the wrong place the moment he turned off the main road.Later, in the bar, the story was embellished, the man had lost his temper again and was going to call the police if Ian did not ring him to sort things out.Team Chalgrave comes 4th at the SmartGolfer Network Cup at Hazlemere!Thursday 3rd lin Clough heads out onto the course with Peter Kay for a swift and convivial nine they make their way down the 8th hole, they are discussing yesterdays news that Doctors think contact rugby should be banned in schools due to the chance.Probably the highlight of the evening though, was the presentation of the cheques to Banita and Mark, our guests from Keech.
How mad to you have to be, to drive from Milton Keynes to Chalgrave, to play golf on your own in temperatures that would have made Captain Oakes think twice about going out for a little while.
"Thats disney world annual pass discounts on rooms f*king incredible" he says "I'd never know that wasn't a real one!" The logs were slightly moist by the end of the delivery from my tears of laughter once out of sight, and no, I didn't tell him!