prize gift ideas for bridal shower

Here are question possibilities or consider ordering game questions online.
Guests are asked to jot down a clean sweep para car audio personal memory they have of the bride-to-be. .
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This fun, flirty game is sure to be a hit. .A trivia game all about the groom - have the bride play too and see how well she really knows him!This game is a blast and also helps stock the bride's lingerie drawer.Also ask guests to cast their votes for the most unique, most unbelievable, most comfortable, most predictable, or sexiest.Not rated yet For this How Many?Prepare a poster of photos of the bride at different stages of her life. .Guests attempt to guess the age of the bride in each photo.This is a great icebreaker game where each guest is given a clothespin or ring upon arrival. .This bouquet would be perfect for a kitchen shower featuring beautiful flowers and useful kitchen gadgets.Pin miscellaneous items onto an apron. .For southwest airline voucher email an easy holiday party game, use this fun - Are You Ready for Christmas?At my lingerie shower, I was asked questions that my fiance had answered about himself. As each bag is opened, your guests will write down the name of the attendee they think wears that particular nightie.Need some questions fast?Save it to your computer and it will be yours to keep forever - use it for future bridal showers!Bridal Word Scramble, unscramble all the words related to a wedding - the one who unscrambles the most in the time given - wins!Girls Fun Lib - If you enjoy madlibs, then you'll love this great girls party/shower icebreaker.For each letter of their names have a saying on Don't Say " Wedding" The object of the Don't Say "Wedding" bridal shower game is that no one is allowed to say the word "wedding" throughout a certain time of the party.These memories are read aloud and the bride tries to guess who wrote the memory.Requiring guests to examine what the bride-to-be is wearing and Remember That Outfit after she leaves the Cashmere Wedding Dress Group the guests into pairs, and provide each pair with approx.