primitive survival contest entry

Could you figure out how to build a shelter, find potable water, forage for food and build a fire in the short time it would take nature to kill you?
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Survival Training School of California, tehachapi, Calif.Among the school's many highlights is the two-day "Nothing" course (595 in which students - with Cody, of course - walk into the wild with "nothing but the clothes on their backs create improvised shelter, make fire by friction and forage for their dinner.Please enter a quantity of 1 or more.Your order was canceled.This school, which has seamless coupon code september 2015 inspired some of the other survival schools on this list, is more about connecting with the earth and the natural environment than about playing misery poker with your hardy peers.Sorry, you entered an invalid quantity.Copying Prohibited by Law - McAfee Secure is a Trademark of McAfee, Inc.Eating discount golf world bugs is optional, though.Contact us for details.Your card expiration date is in the past.Sorry, the promotional code you entered has been claimed.The goal is to move you into full survival in three days.But if you're preparing for an urban disaster - say, catastrophic grid failure - Hobel also offers urban survival classes in New York's Central Park.Bear Grylls will open The Survival Academy in April 2014 in upstate New York's Catskill Mountains.Rapipago is only available in Argentina.THE active times: Built to thrill: 12 man-made adventures.