orange top up voucher won't work

Works for me so well, bought phone in France when my US one died.
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Your voucher may already have been redeemed.Select the amount you want to top.If you're having problems google play store vouchers australia topping-up, here are some tips to help solve the most common top-up problems.For Mobile Broadband top-ups, call 500 from a Three phone (or from any other phone, standard rates apply).Select, get the Add-on.To use the internet in the UK, youll need to turn your credit into a data Add-on.You're having other top-up problems.For general information on topping up, visit our main top-up page.See FAQ, support Online, error!If youre having problems with your voucher there are a few things to check: Sometimes the voucher number isnt entered correctly or isn't recognised, please check and try again.If you continue to have problems please speak to your card issuer or try topping-up with a voucher.The email entered is incorrect or does not match an account of the service.I subscribe to your Newsletter to receive promotions.Include one or more letters.
Send top-up in more than 120 countries whatever the operator.