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Pontiac, which would be shuttered just over five years later.
Bonus: Watch how it all unfolded in this video.
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By 2009, it would only sell 178,300."I would guess the value of the publicity to Pontiac far outweighed the cost of the cars.But she has a key so that's why I said, 'You get a car!"Prior to that moment, I had said, 'Open up your boxes.It's unremarkable in every way except for the front license plate, which reads, "Oprah.".Their popularity has ebbed and flowed, though Meyers noted they could be poised for a comeback as TV audiences are increasingly fragmented.The producers asked them questions like how they got to work and how old their car was.He and his wife appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in 2004, and it all ended up bringing attention to a charitable project they were working on at the time to benefit ALS.The show had originally asked Pontiac for 25 cars to giveaway, but kept asking the automaker for more until the total number reached 276.September 13 marks the 10-year anniversary of the memorable event, which caught everyone, including audience members, by surprise.Belief series is the next level for.".Though he says he was miscast as a voice of dissent in the media, William Toebe received a lot of publicity."I'm hoping to drive it until we can't drive it any more she said.It's survived a flood and a multicar pileup, and it's already outlived both Pontiac and the original Oprah Winfrey Show, which went off the air in 2011.Finally, with the suspense built to a fevered pitch, everyone opened their box."Life is about trying to grow yourself to whatever is the next level she shared.Episode three of, making Oprah is worth a listen to learn what that day and the weeks leading up to it were like for Oprah herself, as well as her unflaggingly committed and optimistic producers who nearly killed themselves to pull it off.When GM began eliminating brands in the run-up to its historic bankruptcy, Pontiac was one of the first to be chopped.And you get a car!For Pontiac, the guest appearance on the.