nba 2k14 3 point shooting contest

After a break, the first round continued with four players who had to put up high scores to avoid elimination.
I'm a huge proponent of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest.In the extra round, Irving made 8 of 10 shots from the corners and finished with 18 points.Customization (nearly any player could enter, even created players).Players could choose any jersey to wear (current, alt, any retro ever).25 9 comments, all 17 inaugural team logos and names for the NBA2K League!Not a fan of the guitar hero mini-game.After Dallas guard Wesley at&t promotion card balance Matthews scored just 11 points, Gordon - formerly of the hometown Pelicans - overcame a smattering of boos to make four out of five balls on each of the first four racks and finish with 24 points.Gordon followed, utilizing the same energy-conserving set shot hed used all night.But, under no circumstances do I feel a gamer's lack of ability to find a groove should be punished with complete controller unresponsiveness.We need MyCareer Weekly Events.Contest was just incredibly clunky.