money cash hoes lyrics

Like I give a fuck I'm just a crook on this song.
How can I not flirt with death.I'm tryin to restore the bass pro shop gift card deals feelings fuck the law keep dealing.Money, cash, hoes, money, cash, hoes, uhh.Money, cash, hoes, money, cash, hoes, uhh Money, cash, hoes, money, cash, hoes, come on Money, cash, hoes, what?Sex murder and mayhem romance for the street.Yeah, come on, Big flow.I know they gone criticize the hook on this song.Hard Knock Life" (1998) Intro - Hand It Down Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem) If I Should Die Ride Or Die Nigga What, Nigga Who (Originator '99) Money, Cash, Hoes A Week Ago Coming Of Age (Da Sequel) Can double down casino promo code october I Get.Us the villains, fuck your feelings.While yall playa hate we in the upper millions.While y'all playa hate we in the upper millions.It reads money, cash, hoes, how real was that nigga, what?Like I give a fuck.Bed-Stuy Brook-nam took on the world, shit, I led a life you can write spirit airline promotion codes a book.
Hook(x2 money, cash, hoes, money-cash-hoes(what!
We gonna sin a lot and pray that Christ forgive.