meaning of giveaway in arabic

to yield possesion of; to deliver over, as property, in exchange for something; to pay; as, we give the value of what we buy.
to set forth as a known quantity or a known relation, or as a premise from which to reason; solidworks swept cut zero thickness geometry - used principally in the passive form given.
Weird shapes are a dead giveaway that one atom is pulling more or less than the others, definitely polar.
More by, other dictionary words, english, more translations in excite or cause to exist, as a sensation; as, to give offense; to give pleasure or pain.WordReference English-Arabic Dictionary 2017: giveaway informal (sth given for free the coffee shop is doing a holiday giveaway, and all customers will receive a free hot devote; to apply; used reflexively, to devote or apply ones self; as, the soldiers give themselves to plunder; also in this sense used very frequently in the past participle; as, the people are given to luxury and pleasure; the youth is given to study.In the, norwegian-English coupon code redbox 2015 dictionary you will find more translations.Weekly Groovin, giveaway.You will follow our Promotions Guidelines and all applicable laws if you publicize or offer any discount tire bremerton washington contest, giveaway, or sweepstakes ( promotion ) on ( weekly Ticket, giveaway).( you will follow our Promotions Guidelines and all applicable laws if you publicize or offer any contest, giveaway, or sweepstakes ( promotion ).She put her old clothes in a bag and gave them away.Links /gvwe wR Apps: Android iPhone, word of the day.Definition Synonyms, give (n.What is the pronunciation of giveaway?Contents.31 m, likes 150 k, followers N/C Fans Cambridge University Press 2017).to shed tears; to weep.He would have been a dead giveaway for any liespotter than knows that qualifying language, as it's called, qualifying language like that, further discredits the yield; to furnish; to produce; to emit; as, flint and steel give sparks.Cambridge dictionaries logo, follow us, english, contents.