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I saw (coconut) macaroons growing up but never saw a macaron until I walked through the doors of Adriano Zumbos Rozelle patisserie nearly one year ago.
I have to end with a little blog love to a few posts I found while writing this post that had funny images or additional insights: Macaron/Macaroon Lets Call the Whole Thing Off.
I hope this helps shed a little light on the macaron vs macaroon question, Chris (and all my macaron mission followers again, bless YOU)!Ive always pronounced the oo in macarOOn the same way I do the Os in broom or room.Is there a difference between a macaron and a macaroon?However, we have to remedy this macaron-less life and get you to Zumbos asap.First Chris, youre not broken.Thankfully they didnt taste a thing like what I expected either they were so much better!So I decided to wait and see how tasty chocolate-dipped coconut could really.Aussie on the Road and was left as a comment on my latest macaron post.Lets begin our lesson into the difference between the macarOn and macarOOn through photos (none of which are taken by me, by the way, but all credited to their creative commons photographer).They come in so many colors and flavors, he said enthusiastically.I *still* havent tried a Macaron.I dont fancy myself a true expert, and Im not the first to write a blog post about the difference one O can make.When I entered the small shop, I was puzzled by the little round colorful cookies/biscuits/pastries of joy.Just wait and see!But I do feel its my duty as the.This is a direct" from my good friend Chris.Macaroon: Macaroons also call for egg whites in addition to ground or powdered nuts (which Ive never seen) or coconut (which apparently is the American way).I like to think me and the other Rons out there are correct O:-).Macaroon, often topped with a cherry, the photographer, macarons, a sandwich-like pastry, the photographer, macaroons, often dipped in chocolate, the photographer, macarons come in a variety of colors and flavors, the photographer, macaroon, plain and simple, the photographer, macaron, shell filling shell, the photographer,.Macaron: The shells are often made of egg whites, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond, and food coloring and usually filled with a flavored buttercream, ganache or jam.
Where was the shredded coconut?
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