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You can read their full statement on the site, assuming it doesn't go down again, here.
You can read the full G2A statement at that link.
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Case fan: crappy one, no fan control support, but its pretty quiet, and meets my needs.TinyBuild won't be sharing key batches with G2A because it would take "an insane amount of free ps plus giveaway work.".As for the claims of the value of the missing keys, G2A also have doubts about its accuracy.By, update March 2, 2017: TinyBuild CEO Alex Nichiporchik was hosting a GDC panel last night, along with Digital Rivers Scott Davis and Scott Williams, co-Founder of Panopticon Laboratories Matthew Cook, and Sonys Lee Gauld.Basically, TinyBuild say G2A facilitated the sale of 450,000 worth of fraudulent keys from their games.Now G2A have offered an in-depth answer as to why they aren't willing to offer compensation, saying that TinyBuild never cooperated with them.PC boots in scion im rebates 8 seconds."All G2A asked, was to cooperate with TinyBuild to rectify the issue, which is the list of the keys they deemed without any verification, as stolen.PSU: Basic, 700W, covers what I need.CPU Cooler: Water cooling this thing, for the possibility of OC'ing in the future.TinyBuild recently wrote a blogpost about the keys, which were apparently obtained via the use of fraudulent credit cards.If i rebuilt this, I would go for a fractal case.During the panel, the subject of fraud came up, with Nichiporchik saying kids these days have more ways to launder fraudulently bought game keys, with marketplaces such as Kinguin and G2A facilitating.Set a minimum cut for all 3rd party sales of said keys (these would come out of merchants cut).Original story June 22, 2016: G2A have responded to the recent controversy where they allegedly allowed 450,000 worth of fraudulent keys to be sold on their platform, all from one developer, TinyBuild.G2A say that TinyBuild made "many unjustified demands including the removal of stock and compensation for their losses.They give the PC it's dank look.M does work with developers directly and any one of you can email.They call G2A's statements on their Punch Club piracy article "completely unrelated" and refute the tone G2A used.Information from third-party sources (2 date, source.
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TinyBuild should explain to the media why they omitted their sales data from the revenue projection.".