kansas holiday millionaire raffle winning numbers

Win up to 1 million in the Kansas Lottery's raffle with only 200,000 tickets available!
It is oliver sweeney promotional code uk possible for the same ticket to win in all twelve Holiday Bonus drawings and the 1 million Grand Prize drawing!
If not all tickets are sold, prizes may be pari-mutuel.Tickets will be "Quick Pick" only.The Spanish Super Summer Millionaire Raffle is coming soon.Players must produce their original Holiday Millionaire Raffle tickets to claim their prizes.Just ask for a Holiday Millionaire Raffle ticket.An old El Gordo ticket.Read more here: /1fao2CR.Holiday Millionaire winning numbers page.The draw offers a 1-in-3 chance of winning a cash prize the best odds in the world!Multi-draw wagers are not available.The Grand Prize winning raffle number for the drawing will be announced live on the stations listed below at approximately noon January 3, 2018.Each unique raffle number is printed on a separate ticket.Tickets will be printed in numeric order throughout the state.This year there will be one 10,000 winner in each of the twelve Holiday Bonus drawings."When they're gone, they're gone!The 1,000,000 Grand Prize winning raffle number for the final drawing will be announced live around noon January 3, 2018 on these stations.Players must match their numbers in exact order to those drawn by the Lottery to win.The Drawing: Holiday Millionaire Raffle winning numbers will be posted January 3, 2018.