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Scenario : You just relocated your family to a studio promo code 2015 new state to work at Intel.
A business chipset without the CPU power to do business work, but enough to do light media center work that the lack of GPU power precludes.
Movies and music take up a lot of space, more than just about nba store promo code 2015 any other file type.
Lets take a look at what the NUC says about Intels tenuous margin structure and start it out with a merry rant that will make you smile before you realize the trouble your portfolio.Unfortunately since this CPU is an Intel ULV part, it is priced like all their other low wattage parts, this one costs a rather stunning 225.Scenario : You have let yourself go and you make a resolution to get fit and put yourself first.When your competition can equip every screen in a modern house for a small fraction of what the Intel solution costs, it isnt going to be a fight much less a fair one.( portal featuring products powered by Intel technology at discounted prices.Adding either of those costs about the same as the complete G500A.And that is the point really.Anyone capable of using Linux would got for a machine that adds up to far less than the 575 here but does infinitely more.If you put in an msata SSD, there is no room for an actual SSD much less a HDD, and Wi-Fi, that is all of your expansion used, all.Please note, that is single digit percentages in both cases for a device that does all the useful things a NUC does, but doesnt pick up malware and rootkits every few days.Unfortunately the NUC is an underpowered PC in a been there, done that (by Apple naturally) box.Misery loves company ;-)!To balance this out, the machine has more CPU power than is actually useful for a set top box, kiosk, or digital signage box, but the graphics are nowhere near adequate.The G500A only does one hdmi out while the NUC can do two, one if you get Thunderbolt, but that would just be an excessively stupid trade-off.It is at that point a set top box with delusions of grandeur, but lacking the ability to actually achieve anything grander.These are just a few of the Intel benefits Ive discovered.Holy sh*t, a free power cable with every NUC purchased!The world has moved on from Wintel, just ask any iPad owner.The problem for Intel is that the G500A I saw in June was on sale for the rather steep price of 35 USD foot locker military discount card including the power cables.Is Intel on crack?They dont have the volume of a Dell or Lenovo, so their prices are probably up a bit from what the big guys offer, but not more than about 50 a system.