how to win stuff on a radio station

Have your friends and co-workers listen too!
Hello?, they could just say, hi back disney store coupon codes december 2015 and I would know the persons first name, last name, address, and phone number I had filled it in on winners sheets so many times.Ive won some trips.When they win that x factor usa 2013 winners prize, we hope theyll tell all their friends.Lets pause here for a moment.You should love them too!He/She goes over what to say that will take.5 seconds and leaving out superfluous information.Good luck playing your next radio contest. After 23 years in radio, Ive gotten to know peoples names by the sound of their voice.Think of it as the gun in an Olympic race if you start before the gun, you get a false start and maybe disqualified.Host: Yes we had our winner but we have more (insert cool prize) coming up at 3:39! Easy.Caller: How come when I call the phone is always busy!They do it a lot and they feel entitled to win.To have fun, change lives, and create excitement.When we give something away, there will always.