how to do a giveaway on twitch with nightbot

We have been able to giveaway games and consoles which generated huge traffic for our stream without spending a crazy amount.
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Some other not-so-obvious tactics would be to tag the product in a tweet in hopes for a RT or even try to reach out bass pro shop gift card deals to the company themselves, ask any of your friends to promote the giveaway, post on /r/giveaway, potentially partner crocs coupon code 25 off up with.
We cant all buy a console to giveaway each week, it just doesnt work.What is the best giveaway you have seen on twitch?Theres more than a few services out there to accomplish what youre looking for but were big fans.How do you get value to your stream that matches the prize you are giving away?Did we miss anything?We have a great community and people often send over in-game items to be shared since we have provided them value.If youre trying to cast a wider net then go for items that dont tie a viewer to a certain platform or service.If its a 25 Amazon Gift card, maybe you want at least 25 followers so the cost per follower.If youre going to spend this money then you want to get your moneys worth, right?Adding to many random people to the chat can really throw off the balance and base of your stream.Well thats going to do it for this rundown on organizing a giveaway as a streamer.Increases traffic and likely hood your stream will be shared by other community members.Song requests, have your viewers choose what music you're playing on stream.Stick to the rules and time, dont get eager to give away something early because non followers are asking about.