how to dispute a credit card charge bank of america

In most cases the whole matter can be resolved within a matter of weeks to your satisfaction.
Or been double-billed by a merchant?
Bottom line is, if you act promptly and reasonably, you're likely to get the full benefit of the doubt.Some online retailers, for example, have sales policies that restrict a customer's right to dispute charges, and threaten to add list disputing customers on a chargeback abuser database.Include your name, address, and account number.Basically, if they end up siding with you, you will enjoy a full refund.Draft a short, detailed letter outlining your particular dispute, and address it to the merchant via certified mail.Address the representative by name if he provides his name.If you give them a chance to address your complaint, they very often will; especially if you approach them with politeness and courtesy.If it turns out that your bill contains a mistake, the creditor must explain, in writing, the corrections that will be made to your account.Be polite and respectful, and you're likely to get a better reaction than customers who are angry and demanding.At this point, you'll owe the disputed amount, plus any accumulated finance charges.Even if the error was on the credit card company's end, the customer service representative you call or write to isn't responsible, and he's likely your best bet for getting the issue resolved.Under the fcba, credit card companies may not harm a consumer's credit or threaten to do so for refusing to pay disputed charges while the charges in question are being investigated.
They must also resolve the dispute within two billing cycles of receiving your letter.
8, even if you try code promo le blanc la redoute to resolve the issue with the merchant, you should also let your credit card issuer know about the discrepancy.