how to choose instagram giveaway winner

How to select the winners at random.
Keep it in mind when you write the post and explain the rules for participation as asking many mentions can become a barrier for participation.Additionally, the system allows you to exclude users one by one and you can also create a blacklist so that users included in the list, cant participate in future sweepstakes.Publish the post and start monitoring the comments of the post from the beginning by entering you Control Panel and set.All the Easypromos sweepstakes are carried out randomly and published in a public list which creates great trust and transparency.Add the following footnote: I am participating in @ _Your account name_ s contest.When the end date of the sweepstakes is reached, you access etsy voucher your Easypromos account and create an Instagram Sweepstakes.Hold a drawing, when the contest is finished, choose the winner.Do you need more information?This option is useful if you have included an end date in the terms and conditions of your sweepstakes.How does the Instagram Giveaway work?The rules must be simple and understandable.Follow this step by step tutorial of the sweepstakes.The first template, we decided to hold a drawing for our subscribers.