homemade chimney sweep brush

And that is all you have.
Simply repeat the process until you have sports authority discount codes current used as many pipe cleaners as to make your broom look full and mimic the effect of a chimney sweeps broom.
Method: Simply paint everything black, on both sides and leave to dry.
Step 2, Cover the Glue, after you have your broom looking the way you would like it, glue the 2 black felt circle on the top to hide all of the hot glue.Repeat by layering two more in the other direction to make an X the other way.Related posts: Words are wonderful, breastfeeding Breaking The Rules.Easily passes through chimney constrictions and cannot become stuck like bristle brushes.It doesn't just clean IT scrubs!Box 86 927 Green Bay.All you need to make a Chimney Sweep Brush: The inner tube from wrapping paper (those ├╝ber organised for Christmas are bound to have plenty lol).I also added abit of brown and silver to the bristles to make them look more realistic.Then just added a little dirt on his face, (which most kids dont mind) and that's.Cut the painted newspaper into strips.Or you want a dressing up costume for World Book Day.Perfect for homeowners, chimney sweeps and firemen.Using a small rectangular piece of cardboard you now need to attach the bristles to the pole.Art straws or BBQ sticks, glue gun, paint.Cast iron and stainless steel construction make it a permanent tool.Jun 28, 2012, so maybe your school has had some idea that they want your child to dress up as a Chimney Sweep, or something Victorian (for Victorian Day) Mary Poppins, Oliver Twist etc, and you think how the Dickens am I going.To keep things as cheaply as possible I use an old container (from a curry dish, or a lid of a jam jar and so on) as a paint dish.Spray paint the dowel black and let dry.A paper plate or simply a piece of card that you can cut a circle out.
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