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Ill send you the secret code (per manual email I dont have this automated or anything).
How does 40 sound?(savings are for the first year only) Thats.33/month for email, calendar, cloud drive, docs, spreadsheets, collaboration tools, and a latte.I think a gum ball is a quarter if you can find a gum ball machine I have two young boys, they can always find gum for sale and, let me tell you, you dont get a lot for 15 cents.Google Apps includes all of the extras for that same.33 / month.This is an exclusive to my dear Likoma readers and fans.10 off per user for the first year!Google Apps for Work for you @ m for email, calendar, cloud drive, document collaboration and more.Lets see how this works.If we added the latte, it would cost double.Heres the scoop: Fill out the form below.But I just have this little stack of them.Google Apps for Work (for your email)?Read the terms and conditions.Or maybe more than double, depending on your extras (double espresso shot, almond milk I dont know, I dont even drink coffee (but I like almond milk).Fill out the form and Ill send you a coupon.Google Sheet of coupon codes for Google Apps.If youre not yet a fan or Google Apps, maybe you should read 7 Reasons to Switch your Email to Google Apps.I dont know yet, I just thought about aaa membership discounts ma it as I sat down to write up this post.Use this link: Google Apps for Work to have the coupon work (as I think theyre linked to my Google reseller account).Bask in the glorious savings and get a few more lattes!Note: Im testing out a new system of sharing these codes.
On the fence about whether or not to use.
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