goodyear rebate card balance

"The expiration is critical for these companies she says.
Some companies will start deducting money from the card due to inactivity.Source: m research, September 2015, for rebate and promotional offers active in that month.Asked about the company's use of reward cards, women's weekly sweepstakes AT T said in a statement: "Customers can review, redeem, activate and check the status of rewards and rebates on the AT T website.In addition, recipients sometimes have to undertake a series of time-consuming steps to apply for and activate the cards.None publicly disclosed 6 or 12 months, maytag, maytag MasterCard Prepaid Card from Citi 6-8 weeks, none publicly disclosed 12 months.They send out a lot of promotional cards, and if they never expired, the companies would be on the hook for potentially lots of money in discounts.Businesses are expected to load about.5 billion onto prepaid consumer incentive cards in 2017, more than triple the amount from 10 years earlier, according to Ben Jackson, director of prepaid for Mercator Advisory Group.Often too late, people discover the difference.Use 'em or lose 'em Even with the disclosures, though, some consumers say they feel deceived.You won't be able to use them at the gas pump, and forget about ATMs: You won't be able to use them to access cash.Gift cards versus rebate/loyalty/promotional cards: How do you tell the difference?
Their look: On the front of the card, they'll have some combination of the words "reward" or "rebate" or "award" on them.