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And if you havent gone over, I didnt wanna explain what Shane wrote on the blog.
Im the right on my computer, but Michael: Oh, youre on the left on mine.
Its like an old Alpine stereo.Where the Sherpas share one purchase or sale that theyve made over the past few weeks, and we get to learn what they paid or received for the domain, why they thought it was a good deal, how many hyphens it may have had, how.They might not like the fact that they paid 8500 bucks, but it was a very quick transaction for them and they got the name they wanted, so Michael: Very cool.I actually own a few bike-related domains.So in that case I would say the Estibot value of 13,000 is way off never gonna get 13,000 for it and I dont like the plural.Michael: Yeah,.But it doesnt matter if just shill bidding, unnatural bids are bad for our industry, even if youre setting up the next play, even if youreAnd Ill say this last thing.Michael: I know, right, Ali?Theres a lot of things going on, and theres a lot of money in this space, and it creates opportunities for people that might not have a very good moral compass.Clearly, shill bidding is wrong, but you get my point that youre only bidding based on the value of the domain name, regardless of Shane: Yeah, and Michael: whats going?At m, you only pay if they are successful at catching your domain name.Now, do you wanna sit on that domain?P-O Shane: As P, as in paul.You know, shill bidding happens everywhere on every auction, its not just NameJet, so everybody needs to step up as far as the marketplaces go in that regard.Adam, what did you sell m for?And I was going to use strong name, but Michael: It was a strong name.Michael: Whatd you pay?Ali: all the time.Todays portfolio was submitted by Stephen Wren.How do you typically handle it?Thanks, Adam and guys for that input on the NameJet auction.
Yeah, when top freebie sites 2017 these guys are shooting high.