give something away means

Up to the police costituirsi alla polizia.
To give sth for sth ( pay) etw für etw ausgeben ; ( sacrifice) etw für etw (her) geben ; ( exchange) etw gegen etw tauschen ; what will you give me for it?
Moete li me prebaciti do garae?
Qué me das por ello?Miten paljon sitä pitä antaa?Czy moe mi Panda co przeciwbólowego?To give way (to sth) ( be replaced ) ser reemplazado (por algo ( to demands ) ceder (a algo ( to traffic ) ceder el paso (a algo) you gave way too easily cediste con demasiada facilidad to give way to an impulse dejarse.Give me the old songs!I went on at my parents until they gave in les insistí a mis padres hasta que cedieron to give in to threats, pressure ceder or sucumbir ante she always gives in to him ella hace siempre lo que él quiere give off VT ADV.The soldiers were outnumbered and gave in to the enemy.Làm n cho tôi xin li h chiu Could you give me some change, please?She gave me back the book that she borrowed last week.To give sb what for (inf) jdm Saures geben (inf), es jdm geben (inf) utter to give a cry/groan/laugh/sigh yield, produce milk, warmth, light etc geben ; results (er) bringen ; answer liefern ; our satellite dish gives a very good picture unsere Parabolantenne gibt.Was gibst du mir dafür?; how much did you give for it?( sacrifice ) one's life entregar ( for por) career renunciar a ( for por) they gave up their lives for their country entregaron turbotax discount code discover card or sacrificaron sus vidas por la patria she gave up her career for her family renunció a su carrera profesional por.I'll give you something to cry about!I must give up smoking; They gave up the search.( in guessing game ) me rindo!, me doy por vencido!