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Topics in this course series include an overview of issues in the definition of giftedness, identification, curriculum, instructional strategies, program options, special populations and evaluation.
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Educators southwest airlines luv voucher rules learn to build on a child's individual needs to provide them with a successful curriculum designed to motivate, inspire and challenge them.A specialty degree in teaching gifted children is designed to educate the teacher on how to accommodate the talented student, identify their exceptional academic expertise and assist them with the social, developmental and psychological stressors that may affect gifted learners.Differentiating and Designing Curriculum for Gifted Learners.Schools employ gifted and talented teachers at both the elementary and secondary levels.See more about attitude seed bank discount code 2017 tuition and financial aid.They and the approximately three million other gifted and talented children in the nation's classrooms need the skills of a qualified gifted and talented teacher to help them reach their full potential.A grade of B- or higher is required for each course in this teacher education program, with a cumulative GPA.0.Gifted and talented teachers often serve as consultants to regular classroom teachers, and they also identify and coordinate enrichment opportunities for gifted students.Teachers with a gifted and talented endorsement or specialization have taken extensive coursework that addresses the particular knowledge and skills needed to serve gifted and talented students.Strengthen and enhance leadership capacity in the field of gifted education.The university offers a fully online Master of Science in education with a specialization in gifted and talented education.Teacher preparation programs frequently group gifted and talented education in the special education category, so a prospective teacher might earn a Bachelor of Science in special education with a gifted and talented endorsement.Useful Resources, this rewarding mastercraft tire rebate profession needs more teachers like you who care about the needs of gifted children.A great university can unleash the potential to change the world.News and World Report named Arkansas State University in Jonesboro as a best regional university in 2012.The Gifted Education program is delivered part-time and completely online. .Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual salary of teachers was between 47,000 and 51,000 in 2008.The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements.
In the interview, she discusses what giftedand talented education is, and how to get started in the field.