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15, 1985, a humpback whale named Humphrey swam into San Francisco Bay and then ended up in the delta near Rio Vista.
Photo: @nicjonestweets Image 23 of 37 After a female dog named Cora was surrendered by her owner to the Marin Humane Society on March 5, 2016, she was later reunited by her liter of four pups - all named after "Downton Abbey" characters.
Bay City News Service, photo: Courtesy Of SF Animal Care Control.Theyre so young and we want to give them the chance to have a normal childhood, Joanna says in this weeks issue of people.Anytime we can prove that animal abuse has occurred, we will hold offenders responsible in a court of law." Aniki is now being cared for at Northern Nevada Shiba Rescue, where the staff will work to find a permanent home for him.Davis Image 35 of 37 Image 36 of 37 Kevin Hines sits on the rocks next to Fort Point underneath the Golden Gate Bridge in 2000 when he was 19 years old.Less Two whales nicknamed "Delta" and "Dawn" swim past Fish and Game officials monitoring their condition.He was safely rescued, but needed to be rescued a second time in 1990.Image 3 of 37, the owner of this Shiba Inu has been sentenced to probation for graphic animal abuse that was caught on an elevator camera.Photo: WildCare Image 32 of 37 A great white shark was spotted devouring a seal near Alcatraz in October 2015.Photo: Chris Preovolos Image 13 of 37 An alligator found in Alameda Creek near Fremont was deemed a public danger, then shot and killed on August 16th, 2016.CHP officers follow a flock of geese westbound Interstate 80 on May 22, 2016.Photo: Colleen Pizarev Image 20 of 37 File photo of two baby swans on May 19, 2014, in San Francisco. .Spock, a 27-pound Maine Coon cat, catches a nap with his friend Fluff Ball.Pictured: In this file photo, a surfer looks back to shore as a shark, possibly a great white, swims by off the California.Rhyme Time jingle Bells " is one of the most popular winter rhymes.Photo: deanne fitzmaurice Image 34 of 37 UC Davis trained pigeons to categorize digitized slides and mammograms of benign and malignant human breast tissue.More Photo: John Storey, SFC Image 37 of 37 SF man pleads no contest chimney sweeps london 18th century to abuse of Shiba Inu dog on elevator camera 1 / 37 Back to Gallery A San Francisco man will serve three years of probation following a no contest plea last week.Motorists traveling south began informing toll collectors.Photo:, image 10 of 37, image 11.The shelter's executive director Virginia Donohue said in a statement that shelter officials are pleased with the outcome of the case.