gang sweep in fresno

But with 32 high-ranking members now under arrest, it's getting weaker.
Its leaders were difficult to charge because they often bribed or intimidated witnesses and victims into not cooperating with police.
Dyer said that at least eight of the gang leaders were recruiting young women in Fresno often runaways through social media and other means before sending them throughout the country.
A multi-agency gang sweep that Fresno police Chief Jerry Dyer called the largest and most thomas cook vouchers 2018 impactful gang operation in this citys history resulted in the arrests of more than two dozen people, including leaders of one of Fresnos most notorious gangs.City officials work to rally community support for recently adopted youth safety plan (Santa Maria, CA Community members and city officials have spent months arguing over ways to best reduce youth violence in Santa Maria, and an end to the battle is not in sight.The Internal Revenue Service is assisting with the financial aspects of the investigation.Investigators also broke up a commercial prostitution operation, where young women were taken from their families and lured into a life as a sex slave and then taken on circuits from city to city."The firearms that some of the defendants are alleged to have sold include a fully-automatic machine gun, multiple pistols with obliterated serial numbers, a rifle with no serial number, also known as a ghost gun, meaning that it can't be traced at all attorney Phillip.Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune Date: December 13, 2017 m/.Were arrested for helping the pimps by providing regular rooms for prostitution.At that time, Dyer said, they knew that the gang was actively trying to recruit members, mostly from existing Bulldogs members.They had no idea a third person was listening to their phone calls and seeing their text messages.Source: The Press Democrat Date: December 13, 2017 m/.(kfsn), fresno Police officers teamed up with FBI agents and countless other law enforcement agencies to take down members of the Bulldog gang who are the most violent, influential and active.