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If there is one recent trend in the automotive industry today, its turbocharging.
That car is turbocharged, people would say.
They often bring more stress to the engine.I guess it depends how badly you want that vitacost coupon code new customer additional fuel economy.The reason for all this turbocharging is obvious: were all trying to improve our fuel economy.It was an unusual thing, turbocharging, and we werent exactly sure what to make.When it comes to turbocharging, heres what I learned: Turbos add complication.And this was a turbocharged Volvo, a forced-induction car from an automaker who had known about this technology for years.As much as people say they want to go green, they dont actually want to lose their horsepower, their acceleration, their beloved passing power.Or the tried-and-true naturally aspirated 4-cylinder?SpeedPerks Rewards, view us on Social Media, facebook/Twitter/Blog.I say this as the former owner of a 1990s raffles inc state room turbocharged Volvo, and then the owner of a non-turbocharged 1990s Audi.Many people out there buy cars to last five, ten, or fifteen years, discount tire hillsboro oregon and theyll be severely disappointed that turbocharger now joins the list of expensive one day replacements, along with timing belt, transmission, fuel or water pumps, and if you have a Subaru head.So instead we put up with.4-liter engine in a midsize sedan that can deliver a lot of power when we need it, or a little when we dont.Ford has not one but two different turbocharged F-150s:.7-liter and.5-liter.But theres one obvious problem with all this turbocharging: How long will these engines really last?This is in order to meet cafe standards, which say that every vehicle must return 87 miles per gallon by next week.We look forward to serving you, The Advance Team.Theyre widely agreed to be better than the naturally aspirated engines theyre sold alongside.And I mean everything.This concept is no longer unique to weird European cars that your dentist friend drives.Its not so unique anymore.
But in the last few years, its turbocharging that has really managed to beat out everything else for todays most popular automotive trend.
Automakers have deemed this a hard goal to meet, so they have turned to turbocharging to accomplish.