freebies for deployed military

Our pillows are small pampers diapers coupon code enough to store in a ruck or pocket, and are meant to be taken out in the field on missions.
Leave a comment share!Thanks to frugal friend Annie for sharing!Organizations that support deployed military personnel.Just show your military id at checkout thanks to frugal friends Marissa Sonia for sharing!Supply a large, very comfortable, high quality pillow to as many United States Military and National Guard service men and women as possible; to those pig hollerin contest who serve our country now, those who have served in the past and those who will serve in the future.We do not have an official relationship with any branch of the uniformed services, although we provide helmet upgrades to all who ask, when money allows.Military bases and National Guard offices to send the books to unit commanders overseas.Fitness oriented packages (protein bars, etc.) - Jessica's Hope Project ssicashopeproject.Bandanas - Operation Bandanas www.What Your Yeoman can do for you: Date Reminder Service, so you do not forget them.We will attempt to add the unit to the list of recipients.Developed with feedback from deployed troops, USO2GO kits change as their needs change.Org/ Songs 4 Soldiers sends music care packages to our men and women serving overseas to thank them for all their sacrifices.A Yeoman is a sailor responsible for administrative tasks.
We communicate with the front lines daily and provide -in bulk- detailed hygiene, nutrition, gear and K9 support.
Cakes, cookies, snacks - Treat the Troops eatthetroops.