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Hotel Listings Profile on Facebook Page.Immediately following Facebook's announcement of the rule change to contests, app companies everywhere began shuffling to find a solution for page owners to run contests effectively.A comprehensive Photo Contest App packed with awesome features.This could mean people would get multiple entries - 1 for a like 1 for a comment - but this does allow you to let people enter by simply "Liking or Commenting on Our Post".Easy to setup custom forms for your Facebook Page.Good for SMBs, personally, I think it's a great change - for small businesses especially.If you don't allow all permissions, the app can't pull data from your pages.It's now much easier to start run a contest on your page - no need to buy an app or learn how to install one.How do you select a winner in an unbiased way?Learn More "For a first-time Instagram contest, GoEco was blown away with the results.Many app companies are offering solutions for page owners - but I want to focus on 2 free versions that have caught my attention: Woobox Edgerank Checker, contest Capture by Edgerank Checker.You can also israel discount bank email export the list of Likes Comments to a CSV file that you can store for later.Display a custom Facebook tab about your business with a lead capture form.Step 6: Contact the Winner Regardless of how you choose the winner - likes or comments - it is up to you to contact the winners.With nearly 14,000 Likes, there's no way in the world Pepsi could pick a winner - other than simply scrolling through who Liked the post just deciding on someone.Integrated Social Sharing features, you can also subscribe to our other.You could select all of the Likes simply do a random sorting have #1 be your winner.
Let me show you how it works: Step 1: Login to the Woobox Dashboard You'll need to use the "Sign In Using Facebook" option.
That's the 1 major downfall of running a page timeline contest - you don't have an email address to notify the winner.