fire safe chimney sweep

The real question is whether using more wood for energy purposes, in addition to all the other demands on our forests, will soon deplete the forests as we have depleted petroleum reserves.
We are not even close to maximizing the potential annual growth.
That old homily, "Where there's smoke, there's fire just doesn't apply to a whole new generation of hi-tech stoves.Let us help you with our dust-free chimney cleaning service, and our exclusive deodorizing service! .A centrally-located woodstove or masonry heater can fully heat a home of moderate size, and for larger homes, the heat from an elegant new fireplace can be ducted to all areas.As the weather starts to turn colder West Sussex Fire Rescue Service is urging all residents across West Sussex to have their chimney professionally swept, in an effort to reduce the number of chimney fires.A clean chimney will help to prevent chimney fires, possible carbon monoxide poisoning and potential structural damage.But the survivors met the regulators' targets.These advanced technologies are very effective, according to Crouch.We're constantly trying to improve this website.Liability Insured Quality Satisfaction Guranteed.In cold weather, the fire in a conventional open woodburning fireplace often consumes more energy than it delivers to the house, so an oil or gas furnace has to work harder.Part of the management process involves thinning our cluttered forests to promote more vigorous growth, he says.Always fit a carbon monoxide detector.Environmentalists like Steve Walker, air bass sweeping exercises pollution control director for the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, seem to agree.Our professionally trained technicians can mitigate any problems based on the national fire protection association fire code-nfpa 211, AND THE LOS angeles public safety/building codes.Properly seasoned firewood provides more heat and less smoke.As the weather starts to cool, more and more families begin using their fireplaces for the cold, winter season.An advanced technology stove or fireplace won't pollute your indoor air and you'll see no smoke coming from your chimney.