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Summary Encouraging your fans to share out your content to get more entries to a private health fund rebates for exercise physiology Sweepstake can have an amazing effect to the results of your competition.
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With over a billion users across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, social media is an essential platform to promote your business or organization.#1: Determine Whether You Really Need a Contest. People like climbing the leaderboard and this is a strong incentive to do more sharing.A Quiz targeting people that may be interested in Wine related products Results 155 Likes, Exclusively Wine lovers 7,2 engagement rate in May 200 ultra-qualified opt-in Summary An interactive quiz based around the product or service you are offering can be a great way.What do you think?Yes, there are lots of examples of super-innovative contests that attract plenty of attention, but there are even more examples of innovative contests that flop because they are too complicated.Did they make any suggestions for ways that you might improve interactions with them?This can include everything from a mention on receipts (both printed and emailed in newsletters, on in-store signage and as part of radio and television advertising. Since launching the Facebook app they have generated over 750,000 in additional revenue for their products.Whats the most creative contest youve run on Facebook?Summary, a simple competition that encourages the sharing of something visually appealing works quite well. If you share out to your friends and one these friends also enter the competition you get 5 more entries. Fans were also allowed to comment on the video uploaded and share it out to their social network.The app should be embeddable or have Anywhere capabilities. Having your customers promote the competition for you to their friends and family can be the most cost effective way of promoting a competition.Put details about the contest on the homepage of your website.