facebook pic contest

I could have sworn it was to be judged.
Joined on: Posts: 0, pJ said: @the1dean70 said: I did it both ways just to be safe.
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Can you look and see if it is?WF Banter Board Mod Elite Trader this was a cool contest.Bandalero said: using dsw promo code october 2015 our figs and collections to try to win more figs!But that could have just been me reading into it?Joined on: Posts: 6,098 The Ukrainian One Dimburuk said: Bandalero said: using our figs and collections to try to win more figs!I'm Bat Fan, joined on: Posts: 49,606, yes I saw it gmpunk, joined on: Posts: 0 Here is my entry for the Pink Black Facebook contest, I think xfinity fall sweepstakes I posted discount fleet supply it in the right place!It was fun making my pic And bandarelo, just interesting, what camera did you use for your photo?PJ WF Mod Other Figures Mod Classic Wrestling Mod I'm Bat Fan Joined on: Posts: 49,606 You have to put it on a host site like photobucket or webshots and once it's there they have links to post it on the forums gmpunk Joined.I posted it 4 times to their wall because it kept disappearing.Joined on: Posts: 0, pJ said: Dean I saw your post in the link above.Now how about that dude that had like 5 separate entries, four of them will be discounted right?I'm not sure if you did it or not, but you have to post the pic on their actual wall.They changed it up and screwed it up in the process.(they'll prob disqualify me now) When I uploaded directly to the wall it disappeared.So I would think that means 1 only.Do they have to be a certain format?Preview / html, forum / BBCode, other Popular Clip Arts.