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Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit.
All electricity users with alexander wang promo code 2017 a residential rate class account will automatically have the DRC removed from their bills.Close heat registers in rooms youre not using.Money is leaking, along with greenhouse gas pollution.".Along with home heating, natural gas is often used for cooking, heating water, drying laundry, running fireplaces and barbeques.Sectorresidential or commercial/Institutional, key wordfor example, a type of product, a type of technology or a city.Homeowners and tenants could also be eligible for a 100 smart thermostat rebate.Ballard said the program "will make it easy and more affordable" for homeowners to make environmentally-friendly choices for their home improvements.When you improve your home in Ontario, you make a difference to the rest of the world.To find out if you are eligible and how to apply, visit: Apply costco real estate rebate program Online: Questions?Many Ontario homeowners use tax credit to describe a government grant program like Government of Canada ecoenergy grants.For more information, call.Why does good insulation matter?Have other home energy questions?When away on vacation, adjust the thermostat and lower the temperature on your water heater.