electricity bill rebate ontario

This rebate is the second of two rebates introduced by the Government to help reduce domestic electricity bills.
How will the rebate be implemented?I pay by monthly Direct Debit; will my next months payment be 12 cheaper?Sorry, you can only redeem this particular voucher at the Post Office and dont forget to bring your identification.The rebate is applicable to electricity bills that are 300 or less.When will I get it?You must redeem your voucher by 28 February 2016.These regulations would provide the necessary framework for the reimbursement/payment process, including invoices, reporting, record-keeping and auditing requirements as well as eligibility of remote unlicensed distributors for the 8 rebate.The rate cannot be applied to any other charges on your bill other than those listed in question 3 above. Once I get the rebate will I always receive it?For our credit customers (i.e.you pay by Direct Debit or on receipt of your bill well be applying yourrebate to your account, which will be shown on your bill starting in October 2015.If you have any questions or if we dont have your up to date name and account details, please call or email.Ontario Clean Energy Benefit Act, 2010: energy is also proposing to amend. I have more than one T TEC account, would I still qualify for the rebate? Is the rebate programme the same as the Utilities Assistant Programme (UAP)?429/04 in order to expand eligibility under the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI) to include all electricity consumers and market participants with an average monthly peak demand greater than one megawatt (MW). What is the 25 promotional code lowes 10 off bill rebate?We approached this potential rebate with caution because we are all too familiar with how the wording of legislation unintentionally caused the 10 Ontario Clean Energy Benefit to be applied differently across condominiums.
Some electricity companies have explanations about how to read their bill on their website.
No, the rebate only applies to electricity bills.