does orbitz sell gift certificates

If you want to how to win stuff on a radio station buy the whole lot, I'll be happy to offer you a bulk discount and give it at 25 off, so 495 for 660 worth of cards.
Just a reminder that only 1 gift card can be used per transaction online, so if you have a large transaction to make it is better to do it in store.
In case of a problem with the ticket, such as airline bankruptcy, you won't be covered as well as you might be with a straight credit card.Essentially, you give them money in exchange for something that has the same face value as money, but can only be spent at that place.I might be a sucker, but that makes my natural reluctance to buy gift cards kind of slip calculate discount formula away, as I am always looking for a deal or discount.If you need to split the purchase, at least for Orbits, you may have to call their cust serv center.48 per 60 gift card, solid 20 off ( twice as good as publicly available 10 rates ).Pre-paid credit cards do NOT carry the same protections as a regular card.Of course it's only a bargain if the card is for somewhere that I (or the intended recipient) likes.Clearly it is irrational to give gift cards rather than money.Posted by, mathNerd on - 12:17 in, selling.Last edited - 12:33, hey guys, I have multiple (11) 60 Rebel physical gift cards.Best Answer: If the card covers the amount of purchase, it should not be an issue at all, just use it like a regular CC purchase.Perfect for gifting for Christmas, or to stack with sales.I actually agree 100 with your basic premise, but I know that around here recently, many places are seemingly trying to get past our kind of thinking by making offers like "Buy our 50 Gift Card and we will throw in a bonus 10 card.MPB in Salt Lake, 09:52 PM, this is nothing against you, because I perfectly understand the motivation, but I still think that buying gift cards (not just for travel websites) is a very strange thing.These deals are very common here, especially for restaurants or nightclubs.Free Delivery to anywhere in Australia.Check the terms of your specific card.Essentially, the purchase of the gift certificate is a very clear loss for the purchaser as well as the recipient sky discount vouchers of the gift: The money used to buy a gift card can be used to buy anything the gift card could also buy, plus.The only thing that keeps gift cards viable as a business model is this strange cultural perception in modern societies that while everything revolves around money, money is sumething not to be talked about and not really suitable for social 's an interesting thing.
Wed like to get one for a friend, but I cant find mention of them on any of the sites.
Am I just not seeing the obvious?